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English Language Arts

English Language Arts courses are designed to help students communicate with language in clear and compelling ways. Students engage in real-world, hands-on, project-based activities such as writing and editing publications, writing for media such as music, television and film, and reading and writing across the content areas such as scientific writing, journalism, documentary film-making, blogs, exhibition texts, and visual/aural presentations. Students learn the power and craft of storytelling in writing and speaking by studying sources such as TED Talks, and other great speeches and texts.
English Language Arts 9, 10, 11, and 12 promote the development of communication skills, including grammar, composition, and the vocabulary students need to be able to access grade level complex texts. Students learn Academic Vocabulary to prepare for language that is often seen on SAT and ACT assessments that cross content areas, and that are found in both informational and literary texts.
Design Thinking is used as a way to generate ideas for writing projects. Students develop writing skills through various types of composing: essays, business correspondence, book reviews, editorials. Literature studies include a variety of genres: short stories, poetry, novels, plays, film and television.  Students write and edit for print and media including scripts, commercials, news stories, scientific writing, and other textual forms. Oral communication and presentation are also practiced with an emphasis on clear and compelling storytelling.